The Minister of Tourism and Trade, Francesc Camp, announced at the presentation of the winter campaign 2015-2016 a possible growth of the Polish market whose clients are very interested in ski-ing and who are looking for new destinations. This figure, however, was not noticed until this winter with the arrival in the country of up to 3,000 Polish tourists, mainly upper middle-class families with children. "It's the third year I've seen people from Poland, but it's more and more. About three thousand have visited Andorra this winter", explained Jordi Leszcznski, heritage guide and a member of Excursions in the Pyrenees, an association that organises guided tours. It is the first year that tours have been booked by Poles - a type of visitor who loves skiing - to try to get them interested in the Principality and not just the snow. Of the three thousand tourists, about 200 have been involved this season in some cultural activities, a figure expected to double next winter. Leszczynski stressed that "Before, the Polish did not go on excursions. They only came to ski. This is the first year that we've done it and, the truth is, they have reacted very positively". Excursions in the Pyrenees began last year to schedule visits that include wine routes in Sant Julià de Lòria, to historical narratives in the old town of Andorra la Vella and walks through the different villages. According to the guide, who settled in Andorra two decades ago, "90% of Poles have wanted to visit the seven parishes". He pointed out that "the majority come for skiing but, increasingly, more people are booking an excursion to discover more about the country" from the historic to the cultural.