Five of the ten Member States of the European Union (EU) which in June 2015 considered Andorra a non-cooperating jurisdiction relating to tax material and which included the Principality in its list of tax havens, have already removed it from the list. In the latest update of the list, published on the official page of the European Commision relative to good fiscal governance in the world, Croatia, Greece Lithuania, Poland and Portugal are the EU Member States which still consider Andorra to be a tax haven. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gilbert Saboya, this number will be reduced by at least two countries before the end of the year. "I trust we can have positive news from a couple of countries in 2017" said Saboya to this newspaper. "Some countries on this list base the inclusion of countries on parameters at the level of tax imposition, and nowadays these parameters are very difficult to overcome" explained the Minister, who added that "All those parameters referring to the credibility of the Andorran situation are those that on an ongoing basis will be removed.” Saboya explained that one of the countries that will remove Andorra from its list during the coming months could be Poland. "The visit I made to this country was going in this direction." And the meetings he had before the Constitution Day event with some European ambassadors "have also helped".