One of the deals that FEDA hopes to close with the Government and the parishes is to allow all users of electric vehicles to have two hours for charging and free access to all of the points for sustainable vehicles that are located in the interior of car parks. "We believe that it is good to give two-hours free of charge parking, even though it is still in the planning stage", said Albert Moles, director of FEDA. Moles explained that this measure responds to the desire to maintain equity between customers, "so there will be a lower volume of transit and mobility of vehicles wanting to charge, and will prevent vehicles remaining a long time charging and would speed up the process".  He added that "with two hours of charging, vehicles could cover a range exceeding 100 kms. Therefore, we think that is a fair offer". On the other hand, Moles indicated that during 2017 they hope to double the number of charging points. At present, the Principality  has 15 on the main roads and the aim is to increase the number to 30 or 35. "European countries which promote electric mobility have 7 or 10 cars per plug and, as we have many tourists, it may be that we would exceed this ratio, therefore, we must be prepared for this growth". In addition, the various parties involved in the project are planning to include new locations, such as closed car parks or even hotels. "These are lines we would like to develop", he said. At the same time, Moles stated that the intention is to extend the network throughout the country. "The parishes will provide the space and the aim is to develop the initiative in all parishes”. Esteve Vidal, Director of Parking and Administration of Escaldes-Engordany, reported that the parish plans to install one more charging point, the other two being in the interior of the Falgueró Parking and the other in the Coprincep Street. The Minister stated that it still cannot be confirmed when the installation will be carried out  but it is very likely that it will be situated in the parking lot of Caldea.