The national heliport has to be in operation for 2019. The Government plans to start clearing the land close to FEDA this year in order to build the infrastructure next year, so that in 2019 it will be ready for helicopters to operate there. The Minister of Regional Planning, Jordi Torres Falcon, said yesterday that the Executive "is doing everything possible" to ensure that there are no unforeseen circumstances and the infrastructure is completed in two years. "We hope that this will be in 2019" he summed up. The Minister and the Consul of Encamp, Jordi Torres Arauz, yesterday signed an agreement to free the plot of land where the heliport will be situated for which the Government will assume all costs. According to Torres Falcon, the process consists of three phases: the preparation of a plan to release the land where the infrastructure will be situated, the development of the zone, and the final phase of building the heliport. This will, as pointed out yesterday by the Minister, cost two million euros. The total cost will be more than five million, as 2.5 million must be taken into account to cover the cost of building and equipping, and one million for the project plans. Torres Falcó explained that next week the Council of Ministers will approve the selection of a multidisciplinary team to deal with the drafting of the project. At the same time, more work will be carried out to analyse the environmental, aeronautical and technical conditions for the development of the area. The studies conducted so far endorse the fact that this is the most suitable area", added the Minister, but with the new enquiries - which will be "much more specific, we want to be certain that everything will work well".