Photo call (or almost) and a parade of guests (close to three hundred) in front of cameras and the media. Spectators watched it unfold from the other side of Charlemagne Street. The inauguration of the Museum Carmen Thyssen Andorra, yesterday evening in the old hotel Valira, turned into the unique event it was expected to be. For the country this is "a dream project", stated the Minister of Culture, Olga Gelabert and for the protagonists: Carmen Thyssen accompanied by her son, Borja Thyssen, and his wife, Blanca Cuesta. And of the mass of people attending, principally representing institutions and politics, the face of the Irish singer, Sharon Corr, stood out and who has been established in Andorra for several years. The inauguration of the Museum (open from today) "marks a before and after in the cultural life of the country". Gelabert recalled that until now, Andorra had not had an important art gallery for the public, but “this gallery places us in line with other major European capitals". The facilities are not large -about 250 square metres for the exhibition hall so, for this reason, the exhibitions will not be extensive and will be renewed every eleven months. The first exhibition, Scenes by Monet in Estes, loaned from New York, include twenty-six canvases from the baroness's private collection. The Museum "will help to project a very positive image of the country by combining the names Thyssen and Andorra". Olga Gelabert is confident that the art gallery "will have a positive effect on the economy". She ended by giving a toast "That the gallery would be here for many years".Ten years is the agreement signed between the Government and the Thyssen family. “But I hope it will be renewed for more than ten years”, said the baroness during the press presentation that morning.