Transport and food are the groups with the biggest increase.

The consumer price index (CPI) was situated at 1.3% in January, a positive fact that confirms the rise last year, In January last year there was a negative index of 0.6%, according to data published yesterday by the Department of Statistics. The January variation, in comparison to the previous month, was 0.5%. The sectors in which the positive influence has been most noticeable have been transport, due to the increase in the price of fuel and lubricants - passing from 2.6% to 8.6%, and that of food products, due to the price rise of pulses and vegetables, which have gone from 4% to 10%. Other groups with positive change have been  recreation, entertainment and culture, and also housing, areas which decreased last year. Also health care has gone up more than last year due to the  price increase of some pharmaceutical products. Clothing and footwear, on the other hand, have diminished with respect to 2016, while education, goods and services, and furniture and household good have fallen, when last year they were stable. The hotel and restarant sectors are also stable.  With regard to France, the consumer price index will be published on the 21st of February. On the other hand, the Monetary Union price evolution points to an annual variation of 1.8% in January, an increase of seven tenths in relation to the extent of inflation for December.