The decision of the French government to close the Consulate in Andorra has not been well received by the residents of that country in the Principality, which move between indignation and  resignation. French people registered in the Principality will be transferred to the French Consulate in Barcelona, with the exception of those issues regarding marital status, nationality and visas, which will be assigned to Madrid. However, the Consulate will continue to deal with any emergencies concerning French residents and these, if registered on the consulate electoral roll, will continue to vote in Andorra in the French national elections. The closure of the Consulate is considered a step in the process of estrangement between the two countries. The president of the Union of the French Living Abroad (UFE), Daniel Bastide, called the decision to close the Consulate "bad news" and attributed it to "the current Socialist Government's policy" to save costs, because "I assume they get rid of the things that cost a lot of money". He also spoke of "uneasiness", due to the fact that, from that date, it will not be possible to issue documents such as passports, identity cards or the 'faith of life' for the elderly, in the Principality.  He pointed out, "It won't be so serious because we have been told that this paperwork can be done on the Internet", but warned "They cannot make us go to Spain or France for a document. I hope that this has been taken into account and that all formal applications can be done on the Internet".