The Government has collected 23.9 million euros in Personal Income Tax for the year 2015, the first year this tax rate came into force. A figure that, according to the Minister of Finance, Jordi Cinca, when he appeared accompanied by the director-general of the Department of Taxation and Borders, Albert Hinojosa, to take stock of the taxes received, "It has surpassed the forecasts made before the coming into force of the Personal Income Tax" rate. Hinojosa, for his part, stressed that, with the introduction of this tax, the State has raised 20 million euros more in taxes than it did before it came into force. Of the 24 million collected, 10.9 correspond to the withholding tax on income from work, 4.6 to withholding tax on investment income, 2.4 in instalment payments on economic activities, 5.3 on differential fees on the declaration of personal income tax, and 720.000 euros on the taxing of non-employed residents. Regarding the total income tax returns (13.489), 4,335 correspond to income from economic activities and 9,154 to other categories. 74% of the total was delivered personally at the tax office and the remaining 26% via telematics. To continue encouraging people to use online procedures is one of the issues to improve, said Cinca, who also spoke of speeding up all the procedures.