Last year 432 new permits were granted, double those granted in 2015.

The number of permits for passive residents (which includes different types, also residencies with international importance and scientific interest) has experienced a gradual growth from the year 2011, when the number was 2,228. By 31 December the number had risen to 3,097 (the data, provided by the Government, may be subject to modifications), 11% more than that recorded the previous year (2.773). Most correspond to Spanish citizens (913), followed by British (479), French (429) and Russian (317). During the past year the passive residences that were agreed upon were 432, double that of 2015 (213) and three times more than those of 2014 (143), which denotes the increasing interest of foreign nationals to move here using the formula set by legislation in  the matter of immigration and  which has experienced remarkable changes during the first democratic term. Since then, residents who settle in the country but do not have any lucrative activity, have the obligation to make an investment of 400,000 euros. During the past year these investments have meant 79.85 million euros - the Government points out that some of the new residents were still waiting to invest, since they have a period of seven months to do so – and from 2014, 195.8 million has been accumulated. However, new formulas for the authorization of passive residency are going to be introduced concerning international projects or of scientific interest that do not require such a high economic investment.