It concerns two “international” operators that have rated the location, have an iconic building and the possibility of weaving commercial synergies. "Accelerating" the process is being considered to qualify in the competition.

Caldea continues gaining points to be the headquarters of the future casino. The largest spa reported yesterday in a statement that it had  received the visit of two companies interested in taking part in the competition to be awarded the casino license. The two companies, he noted, showed a "great interest" in locating the games room in a 2.000 square metre area on the ground floor of Inúu and which is currently empty. Sources of the spa detailed that it concerns two international operators "from beyond the Spanish borders", although they did not want to detail the country of origen. What is clear is that they are two new companies that, until now, had not visited the facilities. From Caldea it was explained that the companies have valued especially the location, as it is in the centre of the country, has parking facilities in the same area, a separate entrance from the Caldea, plus the advantage of having an iconic building and, above all, the possibility of being able to establish commercial synergies that beneficit both sides and guarantee more visitors to the casino. In fact, the sources stressed that the spa alone already has a great capacity to attract  (It receives close to 400,000 visitors a year) and that, therefore, it would be one of the strengths of the location. Therefore, it does not rule out the possibility of being able to "weave business strategies" that would allow them to offer joint packages of tickets to Caldea or Inúu and the casino. In addition, it also raises the possibility of putting on shows that would start in the main lagoon and could end in the gaming facility.