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  • 13/11/2017

Swiftair guarantees scheduled flights

Swiftair has presented a project to the government on the possibilities of
recovering Andorra la Seu airport for commercial flights that could be the
definitive impulse to dismantle the aeronautical complex.

  • 13/11/2017

Supporting the fight against terrorism

Toni Martí showed yesterday his support to the decision of the General Secretary of
the United Nations to create a counter-terrorism office.

  • 13/11/2017

The rent, at 10 Euros per square meter.

The price of the rents has reached an average of ten euros per square meter,
according to the cross-checking of data between different property managers.

  • 04/09/2017

Hotels are rated by customers with an average of eight on the internet

The grade on the booking portals is a reference for shops that have to deal with an online reputation that determines their category. The evaluation will be made by a specialized company

  • 04/09/2017

Real estate agents warn of the lack of flats if construction is not activated

The president of the AGIA states that if the demand cannot be satisfied later on we could find moments of inflation. Ensures that the procedures and processes for initiating projects represent a brake

  • 04/09/2017

Swiftair wants to operate at the airport this winter

The condition is that the aerodrome has Spanish permission to use GPS technology.