A 60-minute instruction ranges from 22 for level two instructors to 15 for novice instructors. France, Switzerland and Norway are the states where you pay the most but the cost of living is higher.

A study by the ski instructor school in England reveals that the hourly rate paid in the principality is the eighth highest of the main destinations for skiing. Specifically, the average price is 22 dollars per hour for level 2 professionals, while novices charge an average of 15 dollars. Making a comparison with other countries we observe how France stands out especially since the price of an expert teacher reaches 65 dollars an hour and 28 dollars for those non-expert instructors. Switzerland and Norway complete the podium, the cost of a class reaches 55 dollars in the Swiss country and 45 dollars in the Scandinavian country.

Ahead of Andorra, with little advantage are countries like Japan, Australia or Chile and behind are countries like Spain, Finland or the United States. The country that closes the classification is the United Kingdom with 15 dollars for a class given by a professional. The professional associations of the sector disagree about whether the prices are adequate or not because you have to take into account the standard of living of each country to be able to value it. Andorran teachers agree that the profession is well paid and regret that they can only exercise their profession for a few months of the year.

The president of the Andorran association of ski instructors, Carles Iriarte, does not agree with all the positive statements about the work as he states that not many years ago the instructors were responsible for buying the material themselves and also expresses his disagreement about the conditions under which the teachers work. Another complaint has to do with the salary given that the president of the association alleges that the average salary is 1,400€ for teachers while the average salary in the country is 2,000€.