Gallardo affirms that the risk of poverty in the principality is lower than in the rest of the countries of the union. The executive respects the decision of the unions to hold a demonstration on December 13.

The Minister of Presidency, Economy and Enterprise, Jordi Gallardo, stated that the risk of poverty in the principality "is lower than the average of the countries of the European Union. This was highlighted yesterday during the presentation of data from the first survey of living conditions in 2018, which was conducted in 800 households across the country, and confirms that the poverty risk rate in the principality, which stands at 12.8% is significantly lower than that of neighboring countries, which is 17%. The minister pointed out that the data showed equality in society, which, although not perfect, is quite good.

In terms of inequality, Andorra ranks above other countries with a value of 33.6%, close to Spain with 33.2%, but some distance from the European average, 30.7%. As for the published figures on extreme material deprivation, the director of the Department of Statistics, Joan Soler, expressed that the proportion in Andorra is also lower both in comparison with the EU and with neighboring countries, and that this has more impact on the economy. In contrast, the proportion of households with a weight in household expenditure of 14.5% is higher than in neighboring countries. Soler also pointed out that social benefits reduce poverty by 30%.



The minister said that from the executive will continue in the line of decisions and that have been taken so far and praised that in a few months of mandate had completed various measures such as freezing the CPI of households and raising the minimum wage.

The government is no stranger to social problems and the intention is to try to anticipate those situations that may make the situation worse.