Grand Valira will host a World Cup finals again between 19 and 23 March 2023

Anorra will once again be the epicentre of world alpine skiing in 2023 after the FIS awarded the World Cup finals in Grand Valira yesterday. The objective was not at all easy as the other two candidates represented very strong countries with a long tradition in the world of skiing.

In the first vote Andorra received seven votes against the six votes of the Norwegians and two of the Helvetics. In the final round the Norwegians got six votes and Andorran won with nine votes. These results made the Andorran delegation explode with joy, formed by the president and manager of the Andorran Ski Federation (FAE), Josep Pintat and Carles Visa; the director of Grand Valira-Ensisa and maximum responsible for the World Cup project, David Hidalgo; ENSIS board member, Conrad Blanch; the general secretary of the World Cup, Marc Mitjana and the new head of the race, Santi López.

Only seven months after one of the most well-organised finals in history, according to the FIS, the maximum international organiser once again places his trust, this time already with facts, in Grand Valira i Andorra. In fact, the secretary general of the FIS, Sarah Lewis, said after the finals that they would return as soon as possible to the principality.


Generalized Satisfaction

The return of the World Cup finals was positively assessed by the different levels, the Secretary General of the Andorran Ski Federation, Carles Visa, said they were extremely happy because it is very difficult to be on a calendar like this and compete against such strong candidates. The experience in organizing the finals has been one of the keys to repeat the award, and Riva explained that the FIS ended up pleasantly surprised by the offer that Andorra gave. In this sense Mandicó explained that "if we had done it badly this year it would have been very complicated to give it back to us" Precisely for the future the manager of the FAE, Carles Visa, explained that "the hard core of the organization has a solid foundation that works very well, but perhaps have to fix some things that do not work so well. To finish, this decision of the FIS keeps the FAE and Grand Valira in the itinerary with a view to present a candidacy to host the World Championship in 2027 or 2029.

The finals of the World Cup are one of the most important events in the world of skiing and according to the study carried out after the last edition, the championship had 17.2 million euros in media return. 8.2 million were from Spanish media, 3.2 million from French media and 5.8 million from the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway or Sweden. In addition, there were 576 million readers and viewers in Spain. In total, there were more than 4,000 hits in the national and international media and the event gathered 35 million live viewers in the 23 countries with television channels that had the rights to broadcast the World Cup finals.